Why organic food really expensive?

Prices of organic foods include not only the cost of the food production itself, but also a range other benefits that are not coasted in the price of conventional food such as:
1. Environmental enhancement and protection
2. Ensuring soil health
3. Water conservation
4. Enhancing Biodiversity, ensuring a vast germ plasm for future generation
5. Avoidance of health risks to farmers due to inappropriate handling of pesticides
6. Consumer benefit in long term by avoiding pesticides residue intake
7. Bringing sustainability and profitability to the small farm holdings, stemming rural urban migration

We are a public limited company poised for supporting the farmers and the Indian public with poison free organic food. We have established over 61 Franchise units in Southern States of India as all our products are Organic Certified (NPOP/NOP). Our functioning is as per ISO 9001:2008 norms and the certification is awaited. We are the only organic products company in India to share the benefits with the Farmers, Consumers, Franchisees, Distributors and Shareholders with over 171 products.
Negotiations on technology, collaboration support from Indian and International organizations (MSMEDI, KrishiVigyan Kendra (TNAU) Research Laboratory, etc.) are in progress.
Our Offer:
We offer Franchisee “ORGANIC GOLD”™ Shops in Towns and Cities of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, National Capital Region, Chhattisgarh, and Gujarat.

What are the factors that cause risk in consuming foods other than organic?

The factors that cause risk in consuming foods other than organic include:
• Pesticides and other chemicals
• Genetically modified organisms
• Food irradiation
• Preservatives and artificial colouring
• Hormones and antibiotics in meat>

What are the consequences that may occur in children who consume non-organic food?

Consuming organic products may lower children's exposure to potentially damaging pesticides. According to some studies conducted on children eating primarily organic diets had significantly lower levels organo phosphorus (OP) pesticide metabolite concentrations than did children eating conventional diets. In fact, concentrations of dimethyl metabolites, one OP metabolite group, were approximately six times higher for the children eating conventional diets. According to other studies that chronic low-level exposure to OP pesticide may affect neurological functioning, neuro development, and growth in children. Dose estimates suggest that consumption of organic fruits, vegetables, and juice can reduce children's exposure levels from above to below the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s current guidelines, thereby shifting exposures from a range of uncertain risk to a range of negligible risk. Consumption of organic produce appears to provide a relatively simple way for parents to reduce their children's exposure to OP pesticides

What are the benefits of Organic Raw Food?

Organic raw food recipes are being traded for people who want the best from their organic endeavors. Cooking any kind of food is known to minimize the amount of nutrients and vitamins within the food and organic raw food is being touted as having the most value without the unwanted chemicals. Organic is a process in which fruits and vegetables are grown using only healthy processes for pesticides and fertilizers. It is also known that the healthy values in any sort of food is lessened through the cooking process with many of the nutrients, enzymes and vitamins that are being cooked out of the foods. By eating only organic raw food, persons are claiming to have the benefits of having all of the healthy benefits of the uncooked foods. By consuming organic raw food, vegetarians get more vitamins, minerals and nutrients which are showing many benefits as a health aid. By using only raw vegetables in their meal planning and insuring they are from organic sources, they do not have to give up the quality of either vegetarian or organic diets. Healthy living requires a three-prong approach in consuming only living vegetables that are grown in strict organic conditions and only consuming as much as the body has to provide a healthier body. By limiting the consumption of organic raw food a lot of the work is taken from the digestive track allowing it to do its job more efficiently and completely.

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